Developing Your Investment

Kossoff, PLLC has a very pragmatic approach to real estate law. We go beyond merely serving your transactional needs by creating strategies to use in developing your real estate investments as well as maximizing existing rent rolls.

Identifying Areas of Potential Profit & Realizing Them

By a wide variety of means, we help our clients recognize and recover valuable residential and commercial units. In many cases, sophisticated surveillance technology has provided definitive proof that tenants are not in compliance with their lease obligations, proof that has saved our clients substantial sums in fees and other litigation costs, and assured favorable results in court.

Navigating the Complexities of Administrative Law

We have decades of experience interpreting and navigating, to our clients benefit, the complex maze of rules and regulations that are applicable to retail, office units and rent-regulated apartments within New York City. This is all the more important today because bills pending in Albany and recent court decisions threaten to dramatically change the landscape of the residential and commercial real estate market.